I believe that making simple moments special, is transformational. Wine in a beautiful glass, a vase of fresh flowers, perfume, a cookie on a special plate… and a special piece of jewelry. I learned the art of gracious living from my grandmother. She was fabulous and elegant, her gorgeous silver hair piled high on her head. She was my first muse. I have many vivid memories of visiting her in Florida and dressing up in her vintage clothes and jewelry.

As I moved through life, my love of art took hold and these ideas of gracious living, adornment and art all came together as the foundation of my jewelry business. A sublime merging of art, the intimacy and immediacy of making and adorning oneself in beautiful things to create magical moments.

My love of art has taken me to museums all over the world. Always with my sketch book in hand. I reference paintings, sculpture and architecture in my work. My library of art books is a constant resource. Japanese art, French Baroque paintings by Fragonard and Boucher, modern colorists, 17th century Dutch paintings. There are limitless sources of inspiration.

The design, enameling and fabrication are all executed in my home studio. There is great satisfaction in creating a piece from start to finish and the process is very personal and intimate for me. Each piece is a one of a kind work, made by me and passed on with love to you.

I started my business in my garage 16 years ago when my boys were small. Mostly self taught, I acquired skills as I needed them to realize my ideas.

I was initially drawn to the technique of enameling because I learned that you could fire graphite lines into the surface of the enamel. (Enamel is an ancient technique of layering glass onto the surface of metal.) It is a surface I can build upon layer by layer. A technique to add color, line, luster, imagery, mystery.

I am now represented by the top galleries in the US and abroad, exhibit at the top shows, and teach enameling techniques.

There is a romance to paying attention to details. To treating yourself to special things and enjoying them everyday. And there is an intimacy between maker and collector. A shared passion for the finest hand crafted jewelry and an appreciation for beauty, uniqueness and gracious living. Adorn and enjoy!